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“​My new beauty crush The Eyes Cream!💛 It's perfect for the sensitive area around my eyes and contains beautiful ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, vitamin E and the best hemp extract”


"I honestly can't believe how good this serum is!!! It gives me an incredible glow and this is my second bottle in two months. That's how much I love it"


"I'm still obsessing over the Chill Cream and The Glow Serum! They are my forever go-to’s”


"I've been using MANTLE for some months now and I love how calm and smooth my skin feels with these products💛"


"I'm in love with @hellomantle💙 Both me and my boyfriend use the products daily. Our absolute favorite is the glow serum, only a few drops left in the bottle now. Also love the new The Must Mist. And the fact that it’s a female founded company!"


"I love this dream mask, 4 real. Its real nice and I don't even have to wash it off, it just stays on all night & i wake up feeling niice — all hail lazy and good products 💫"


“Being an oily skin girl I would’ve never bought an oily serum myself -but this serum will never leave my bathroom shelf. It’s too good. And it’s oily skin/acne prone friendly. CBD can actually help reduce sebum production and is therefore really beneficial to acne-prone skin"


"During this time of year when the temperature is going lower it’s crucial for me to give my skin some extra care in order to stay balanced and not dry and break out. The Dream Mask & the Calm Balm are two complete heroes on the bathroom shelf"


"@hellomantle is always in my bag. City life and country side. CBD is the super ingredient and has made my skin so hydrated, healthy and diminished the red tones in my skin! 🤍💫"


"Definitely love at first sight. Been trying these beautiful products for a while now and they’re already becoming a favourite of mine. I’m super happy for these natural products with natural ingredients and the scent is so pure and delicate and my skin just loves it."


"There are no other beauty products that calms my skin and hydrates it the same way that MANTLE does. A while back I found out that I have light rosacea and these products has been helping me to calm things down. My absolute favorite is the The Glow Serum that gives me that glow, hydrates and calms down my skin."


"I’ve been testing out @hellomantle since early June, and immediately fell in love
~ The G l o w serum is my absolute favorite product atm!"


"I have very sensitive skin(!!) and for almost four months now I have used MANTLE. I would not write this if it wasn’t true but I can see a huge different on my skin! First of all, I have a glow now that I didn’t have before and the red spots on my skin that annoy me so much is not that visible anymore!!"


"Since I started using The Dream Mask I haven’t had one single flare up of my rosacea. Their products are amazing!! Another favorite of mine now that the skin starts reacting to the cold weather is The Glow Serum that helps calm and soothe the red and reactive skin on my cheeks."


"Say hello to my latest obsession🤍I’m truly addicted to The Glow Serum and The Dream Mask. I love that MANTLEs products are vegan and made of nature’s own gold CBD - AND safe to use doing pregnancy. Truly my new best friends!"


"When the only thing you need to look and feel 💫 is concealer - then you have to thank MANTLE for creating such genius products!"


 “I'm gonna say it, it's the best eye cream I have ever tried. Hydrating, moisturizing and it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. I don't want to be without it!”


"The Glow Serum is an oil based serum that provides your skin with lots of glow, moisture and nourishment. After using it regularly my skin now feels more balanced, calm and healthy. This product lasts forever so you come along way with its 30 ml. If you want to splurge on a product I really think this serum is a good buy. Also it smells divine (with a touch of 🌿)"


"Beloved @hellomantle creates magic and their latest launch The Rich Cream smells as divine as The Dream Mask. The Rich Cream is a thicker cream that will be perfect this coming cold season. It contains CBD that strengthens the skin barrier, provides glow and calms the skin. It works so well to layer with their lovely The Glow Serum💛✨"