Make (sh)room for a hydrating essence

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Make (sh)room for a hydrating essence

An essence is a hydrating fluid with a milky texture, somewhere in between a toner and a serum. The Shroom Essence features three types of fermented mushrooms, praised for their high water and glutamine content. Glutamine is an amino acid found in the human body that when applied topically helps support the skin’s own collagen production, increases cell turnover, and protects from environmental stressors.

How to use an essence

The Shroom Essence is a versatile product that suits all skin types. To get the most out of it, apply it to damp skin by patting it in with your hands. Repeat this process until the skin feels completely saturated with hydration. Next, we suggest locking in the hydration with a moisturiser. Which moisturiser you choose depends on what your skin needs. In the colder months of the year, we recommend The Rich Cream. During summer, The SPF should do the trick. For even more hydration, try The Face Jelly. You can even follow The Shroom Essence with a serum, as it will help the serum penetrate deeper into your skin.

Fermented ingredients and why we love them

Fermentation leads to the development of probiotics, which when implemented in skincare help maintain the skin’s microbiome, strengthen the skin barrier and minimise the effects of inflammation. The fermentation process also breaks down larger molecules into smaller ones, making them more deeply penetrating or “bioavailable”. Fermented ingredients also produce positive byproducts, such as amino acids and peptides that promote an even and bright skin tone.

Shroom season

Fermented mushrooms have a long history of use in the medical world thanks to their high levels of bioactive compounds. Bioactive compounds are ​​compounds that have a direct effect on living tissue, such as skin. These ingredients can provide a wide range of benefits, such as promoting cell growth, reducing inflammation, improving hydration, and supporting the skin's natural barrier function. Our blend of fermented reishi, chaga and caterpillar mushrooms, paired with hyaluronic acid, PHA and CBD, makes The Shroom Essence the ultimate addition to any skincare routine.


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